One comment on “A List of Good Programs

  1. One reason I like open source is that, in theory, the application will forever be translatable into future languages and I won’t have to find old hardware and ancient OSes to use it again (like so many Windows 95 games stuck on my shelves).

    I second all of your recommendations, and provide some of my own:

    Windows only, middle-ground between MSPaint and GIMP. I use this all the time at work to do batch file format and color depth conversions, batch cropping and resizing, rotations, etc., especially since most of the scanners here are so limited.

    I’ve been using this for several years now for my backups and so that I can exist between several computers via a portable hard drive. Windows installer has a portable “extract only” option. I think the Linux package is portable too. Not sure about Mac.

    Not portable, but the best open source photo album software I’ve tried so far (haven’t used it for very long though).

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